Landscaping Contractor Tips on Picking Beautiful Flowers That Attract Butterflies

Beautiful Flowers That Draw Butterflies to Gardens

Creating a lovely garden full of flowers that butterflies are drawn to is a satisfying accomplishment. If you have a flower garden in your yard, it can attract colorful and beautiful butterflies like monarchs and tiger swallowtails. These butterflies are attracted to the bright colors of the flowers.

Whether you already have a big butterfly garden or want to begin one, here are the top flowers that attract butterflies, as recommended by a trusted landscaping contractor.


Yarrow has a lot of flowers that butterflies love to land on because they are packed close together. Even better: It’s simple to take care of. Yarrow can tolerate dry soil, but it prefers to be in direct sunlight. This will attract many butterflies to your garden, but deer won’t be interested in it.


This flower makes big, round shapes with brightly colored petals and attracts butterflies with its impressive blooms. Alliums are plants that are similar to onions and garlic. They have a faint smell that keeps deer and rodents away but attracts pollinators. Put them in good soil that drains well, and choose a spot in your yard where the sun shines all day.


The cardinal flower, also called perennial lobelia, comes from North America. It likes wet soil but can grow in most sunny or partly sunny places. During the summer, butterflies and hummingbirds are drawn to the pretty red flowers.


This plant has special pincushion flowers that have lots of tiny flowers together. The flowers are usually white or pink. A lot of pollinators, such as butterflies, like the nice smell of buttonbush flowers. This plant is great for soil that is wet and can even do well in places that have a lot of flooding.


Lantana grows well in places that are sunny and hot and can handle moisture in the air, just like these plants that enjoy humidity. The flowers have lots of sweet liquid called nectar that attracts bees and butterflies. They will open up and show their blooms in the summer. Lantana can also resist deer and rabbits.

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